Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

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Do you Suffer carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the term for impingement of nerves as they travel through the wrist. This results in pain in the wrist during regular day to day activities.

Long term problems can occur due ignoring Carpal Tunnel syndrome. If ignored, symptoms can progress until the nerve is so damaged that surgery is required.

Chiropractic care can help identify the root cause and fix carpal tunnel syndrome in natural ways. This page provides information on carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment procedure in Lynnwood and how to book an appointment with us.

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What is carpal tunnel?

The carpal tunnel is the arch of bones in your wrist that support function of the hand and protect the nerves and arteries that travel to it.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Impingement of nerves in the carpal tunnel can cause pain, tingling, and numbness in the wrist and hand.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

Causes include overuse of the wrists in a specific activity, such as typing and mouse use at the computer.  Carpal tunnel symptoms can also present in a healthy wrist, as the nerve root can be impinged in the neck before it travels down its path to the hand causing similar symptoms.

carpal tunnel treatment in lynnwood

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is very effective with chiropractic adjustments.  By adjusting the joints of the carpal tunnel, scar tissue developed from overuse can be remodeled and pressure can be relieved from the nerves.  A chiropractor can also determine if the problem is indeed caused by the wrist or by the neck instead.

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How do we treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Frequently asked questions about carpal tunnel syndrome

For temporary relief, resting the wrist from aggravating activities can go a long way.

Medical insurance does cover care and management of pain associated with carpal tunnel by a chiropractor.

At this point, the research suggests that cracking your knuckles does not cause damage.  That being said, doing to habitually every hour of the day could promote joint instability in some cases.

A wrist brace may prove to be an effective temporary relieve strategy, but relying on it for long periods of time may have consequences to the function of the wrist.

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