What we treat


Lower back pain is a serious condition that can have long term consequences in your daily activities such as walking, standing, and sitting. On this page, we will talk about symptoms, causes, and treatment of back pain. We will also provide instructions to book a complimentary consultation to treat your lower back pain.


Auto accidents can result in Whiplash / neck pain that can have long term consequences in your daily activities. This page will talk about symptoms, causes, and treatment of auto accident injury. We will also provide instructions to book a complimentary consultation to treat your auto accident injury.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is the term for impingement of nerves as they travel through the wrist. The carpal tunnel is the arch of bones in your wrist that support the function of the hand and protect the nerves and arteries that travel to it.


Generically speaking, sciatica is pain that originates in the lower back and radiates down either or both legs. The pain can sometimes travel down the back, front or outside of the leg.


Scoliosis is a condition where instead of the spine being straight when looked at from the front, it has a curvature from left to right. Scoliosis can be very mild and it can be quite severe. When mild it may be completely unnoticed until an X-ray is taken.


Our spines are made up of a stack of individual bones called vertebrae. Between the vertebrae are rubbery shock absorbers called discs. Each disc consists of a tough outer ring (annulus) with a soft gel-like center known as the nucleus pulposus. A disc herniates when cracks occur in the outer rings and the soft gel-like material leaks through.


A headache is simply pain that is in the head region. Where many people believe that it is actually pain that happens in the brain, the pain is actually coming from muscles, joints, and blood vessels around the head and neck. Many headaches actually stem from dysfunction within the joints of the neck.


Neck pain can be caused by a traumatic injury, such as a car accident, lifting or pulling a heavy object, or from a blow to the head. Pain also can be caused by chronic strain from the prolonged computer or cell phone use. poor posture or an awkward sleeping position. The tissues in the neck that can cause pain include bone intervertebral disc‘s facet joint spinal cord nerve roots tendons and ligaments muscles forceful injuries can cause overstretching and tearing of tissues.


Knee pain can be caused by dysfunction to the knee joint. Often times, this dysfunction stems from an original cause of low back or pelvic issues. These skeletal issues can cause improper loading of the knee joints as you walk, resulting in knee pain. Aching, shooting, burning, throbbing, stiff, sharp, and dull pains are all associated with knee pain of various causes.


Osteoarthritis is the process by which your body’s joints degenerate. While it is common that this is caused by overuse, the truth is that joints degenerate when they are not cared for properly.


Pregnancy is a painful process. As your body grows a new life, there are many phases of changes that occur, and many different types of pain that can be associated. Pregnancy symptoms vary widely from woman to woman, but some common symptoms are nausea, fatigue, low back pain, neck pain, foot pain, irritability, headache, extreme hunger and lack of appetite.


Stress is any taxing activity on your body. Typically we breakdown the term stress into 3 categories (physical, mental, and chemical). There are many symptoms of stress, that can range from mood swings like agitation to malaise, to physical changes like fatigue and headaches.