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Are you looking for the best chiropractor in Lynnwood that cares for scoliosis? Typically, Scoliosis is a condition where instead of the spine being straight when looked at from the front, it has a curvature from left to right.  

Scoliosis can be very mild and it can be quite severe. 

When mild it may be completely unnoticed until an X-ray is taken, whereas when severe scoliosis is present it causes many changes within the body that can usually be seen without x-rays. The degree to severity of scoliosis can only be seen with diagnostic imaging like X-ray.

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The imbalance caused by scoliosis can result in pain in the feet, knees, hips and lower back.  This pain can take on a large array of qualities, ranging from dull to sharp, and local to widespread.


Without management, a spine curved by scoliosis is more likely to be restricted in motion in the plane that the spine is curving away from. This restricted motion can lead to disc disease that can in turn lead to nerve impingement requiring surgery.


  • Congenital – Congenital scoliosis is a condition where there is a curvature that is a compensation for a malformed spinal bone (vertebra). This is most commonly found at L5 level. Many times scoliosis is associated with an extra vertebra at the junction of the lower back and pelvic level. (The extra vertebra is L6) This type of scoliosis is not intended to be corrected and is rarely the cause of lower back pain
  • Habitual –  Habitual or acquired scoliosis is the result of an injury or repetitive posture. In this situation the spine compensates for rotation of the sacrum or pelvis. This is a correctable situation.
  • Idiopathic – Idiopathic simply means that there isn’t a clearly understood cause for a situation.  In the case of idiopathic scoliosis, the exact cause doesn’t matter so much as does the function. Scoliosis of any variety can leave the spine more predisposed to functional issues with long term consequences, but these consequences can largely be avoided with chiropractic management to preserve proper joint function.


Depending on the reason for the scoliosis, the treatment may not “straighten out the spine.”  In the case of congenital scoliosis, this would actually cause the spine more harm than good. Instead, treatment of scoliosis has the goal of restoring normal joint motion in the spine to allow the body to perform and communicate with the brain in harmony.




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How do we treat scoliosis pain?


Most insurance policies rarely cover any treatment for lower back pain. Some, however, may cover psychological treatment for chronic pain.

Medical insurance covers chiropractic treatment to manage and relieve the pain associated with scoliosis.

While low levels of calcium can cause bone loss over time, scoliosis is not typically associated with low calcium as a primary cause.

Where the spine is supposed to have natural curvatures, these curvatures should never be from side to side. The natural curvatures of the spine are found in the low back, mid back and neck regions. If the curvature is ever from side to side this is an abnormal curvature.

Heavy backpacks can lead to an acquired scoliosis over an extended period of time. The good news is that if you do have an acquired scoliosis like this it is manageable through a treatment plan of continual chiropractic care to restore the proper straight spine and its natural curvatures.

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