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Vital Chiropractic Center is proudly associated with these products:

The Bodyblade

Works on the opposite premises of most exercise equipment on the market today. Using your body’s resistance to build muscle strength, the Bodyblade in turn reduces the risk of injury through overexertion. The blade is great for shoulder rehabilitation and injury prevention, upper body strengthening and coordination development for athletes. Be sure to use our affiliate code: PAEMAC080108209 when placing your order to receive a free carrying case!

The ShoulderHorn

Today’s athletic lifestyle places an increasingly large demand on our bodies. Especially the shoulder region. No other joint in the human body is as flexible – or as unstable – as the shoulder. The ShoulderHorn offers a simple, proven way to enhance shoulder strength while reducing shoulder pain. Great for patients to retrain / strengthen vital muscles. This will prevent slouching, poor posture and a hump on the back of the neck.

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