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Chiropractor For Herniated Disc

Patients often consult with a Lynnwood chiropractor to seek relief from herniated discs and other back conditions. Chiropractic treatment is often the ideal solution for this type of injury. Scheduling an appointment early in your recovery can jumpstart healing and help prevent further complications down the line. Through herniated disc treatment, patients can avoid the potential side effects of prescription pain medications and enjoy more natural relief.

What Is Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a problem that occurs when the outer layer of one of your spinal discs becomes damaged or worn. The interior of the disc, also known as the nucleus, has a tendency to protrude through its fibrous outer layer due to this process. Herniated discs are commonly known as slipped discs, burst discs, or ruptured discs. When the disc is protruding, it can squeeze and compress nerves near the disc.

Common Causes Of Herniated Disc

Age-related wear and tear can lead to a herniated disc, which is often a degenerative condition. Over time, discs tend to lose their moisture content and become brittle. This fragility makes them more likely to rip and tear even with minimal stress placed on them. Certain traits and practices may put you at higher risk for suffering a herniated disc, such as being overweight, having an occupation that requires strenuous physical labor, wrong lifting techniques, and even hereditary factors.

Common Symptoms Of Herniated Disc

A herniated disc does not always lead to symptoms, but for those who feel them, the pain can be unbearable. If you’ve been diagnosed with a herniated disc in your lower back, it’s likely that you may experience pain and discomfort throughout your buttocks, hips, thighs, and calves. For those experiencing discomfort in their shoulders and arms, cervical vertebrae issues may be the culprit. In addition to pain, a herniated disc can also cause numbness, tingling, and general fatigue. Typically, the muscles and body parts that are served by the affected nerves will experience these symptoms.

When To See A Chiropractor For Herniated Disc

If you have been identified with an intervertebral disc herniation, it is essential to schedule a meeting with a Lynnwood chiropractor quickly for successful treatment. Frequently, individuals arrive at a chiropractic office suffering from physical discomfort yet with no medical diagnosis. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms described or have been suffering from persisting back pains without a definite diagnosis, visiting a chiropractor may be your best option. A professional assessment and comprehensive treatment plan can provide relief and restore mobility quickly and efficiently. A herniated disc is most frequently located in either the lumbar or cervical region and can cause sensations of numbness and tingling, on top of pain. To make it easier for your chiropractor to help you, take notice of your symptoms as soon as they appear so that you can communicate them effectively.

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